Eclipse IDE Flatpaks

The best way to get Eclipse on Linux

If you are new to Flatpak, please first follow the Flatpak quick setup guide to install Flatpak on your system and configure the Flathub application repository.

Eclipse Nightlies (Platform I-builds)

Nightly I-builds of the Eclipse Platform are also available as Flatpaks.

You can add the Eclipse Nightly repository in one of two ways:

Installing via GNOME Software

On most distros, you can simply download Flatpak repository files and use GNOME Software to open and install them.

If you haven't already done so, first you must download the repository file for Flathub, from which for pre-requisites of Eclipse will be fetched. Then download the Eclipse Nightly repository file. Once installed, you can use GNOME Software to browse all the available Eclipse products in the usual way.

Alternatively, you can download one of the following Flatpak reference files and use GNOME Software to directly install your prefered Eclipse product:

Eclipse Platform

The Eclipse Platform only.


Eclipse SDK

The Eclipse SDK includes the Eclipse Platform, Java Development Tools (JDT), and Plug-in Development Environment (PDE).


Installing via the Command Line

If you haven't done so already, add the Flathub repository from which pre-requisites of Eclipse will be fetched:

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

And add the Eclipse Nightly repository:

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists eclipse-nightly

Then you can list all the Eclipse products that are available from the repository:

$ flatpak remote-ls eclipse-nightly

And install your favourite Eclipse product by running one of the following:

$ flatpak install eclipse-nightly org.eclipse.Platform
$ flatpak install eclipse-nightly org.eclipse.Sdk

For more information about using Flatpak from the command line, see the documentation.

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